Saturday, September 02, 2006

SPC -- September week 1

Alright. First try at this month's Self-Portrait Challenge theme: with someone. Which I loathe.

You can catch a corner of me there in the foreground. That would be my father's back behind me (hush, baby steps, my fmaily doesn't go in for photos really). I suppose it is fitting as we often turn our backs on each other, very rarely deal face to face. Hah! How teenage do I sound? Posted by Picasa

Friday, September 01, 2006

Are not Dedd.

I'm not dead. Really. Just... not knitting. Well, I am. But progress is tedious on Beowulf right now (it's been a hot few days), and I've been busy getting set up for school.
As my books cost about half as much as I had expected, I rewarded myself with some yarn today.

This yarn is destined to be made into gloves for me. I am debating between full or fingerless (not Knucks, wrong guage), and I DO have a pattern kicking about home here that has directions for both. It's 'Grignasco - Tango', and is delighfully tweedy. 50% Virgin Wool, 25% Alpaca and 25% Viscose. Surprisingly similar to the Rowan suggested for Knucks. Only cheaper.
I am accepting suggestions for DK weight (actually 20 stitches by 32 rows, but the lady at my LYS and I think that's ok, because I knit tight enough to need adjusting anyway. And the yarn was half the price of the alternative) gloves, both full and fingerless.

On a sidenote. I do intend to stick with the SPC. I just loathe this month's theme. Posted by Picasa