Monday, March 12, 2007

A Quick Note

Sleeve One to underarm: Done
Body to underarm: Nearly Done
Sleeve Two to underarm: Cast On

Such is the state of the knitting. I kind of wore myself out running through 42 rows in 2 days on the body (210 stitches around. I know it's not much, but setting myself down after school and work in the evening, that's a lot of hours I could have used to sleep) but I should get the second sleeve done soon (I am alternating body portions with full sleeves so as to not go completely mad) and then... join them all! Which scares me, becase watch it not fit at ALL.

Anyway, the next 2 weeks are especially crazy chez Academia, and I have no doubt that the weeks after will be crazy too, at least until classes are over and my short reprieve of studying for exams starts. Long story short is that I won't be updating much for a bit (same reason I haven't in a while, except now I'm procrastinating even more). A little is craft related, so hopefully I will have some fodder, as well as (hopefully) a sweater in the next few weeks, which I would love to be done before classes finish, but that depends on my degree of work ethic.

Stay good, y'all!