Sunday, January 09, 2011

In which all is good in the world

Hello lovely people!

Who remembers this photo?


Good, and I hope you were all as excited then as I was about the prospect of a matching schnitzel shnauzer sweater (well, the dog is a daschund, but who doesn't love alliteration?). I finished it a few weeks ago and handed it off, and I just got the photos back.


The pup (Charlie) is such a good model. One more for good measure. Awww.


This was the first incarnation of the photoshoot. A bit manic, very British, altogether, pretty good match I'd say!

Pure Joy

But it gets better, friends. The following image is a thing of glory. Not only for it's perfection unto itself, but for the fact that it more or less fits PERFECTLY with what I envisioned when I started planning the sweater. I say yes! A thousand yesses!

My Vision

Max, Charlie and family: Thank you for making my dream come true!

Thanks also to Pamela of Flintknits fame for the wurstwarmer pattern (couldn't have worked out better!).

Back to regular knitting soon!