Wednesday, July 19, 2006

Long overdue

So really, these socks have been done for a week, I've also had the photos sitting around that long, but have not had a reliable internet connection until now.
So here they are!
First, there was one...

Then came another...

And, just to prove that there ARE two, and it's not the same sock on different feet...

Made using Katherine Foster's 'Easy Toe-Up Socks' method. (available at and "Buttons DK weight" yarn. They were a blast! I learned the method alongside a few older ladies at a class taught by Katherine Foster, and it made a world of difference. They are perfect "footlets", though one could make them as long as one liked (the glory of toe-up). I finished mine with a 'Farrow Rib' pattern, but the booklet includes directions for a few alternate methods.

One the needles now... Nothing. Got a few ideas bouncing around, am toying with the idea of starting a sweater though. If anyone knows of any nice, somewhat straightforward patterns to which I can use an Aran weight cotton (someone is willing to unload a bit of their stash on me, enough to make me get a sweater), I would be much obliged.