Friday, March 21, 2008

In which our hero makes his triumphant return

Well, I certainly have been absent, haven't I? I blame a combination of school crazyness (and other kinds), a solid week of cold misery and the deep and mournful lack of my camera (it is back now, as you shall see). To be completely honest, the crazy has nowhere near passed (the next 3 or so weeks just might make me kill myself... or whomever is responsible for the academic timetabling here). However, with my camera back, I shall at least keep y'all updated, even if it's not coherently.

I really haven't had the time nor energy to knit too much lately, so you actually haven't missed too much.

I finished the first Hedgerow sock a few days ago and finally cast on for the second last night. Ooh, and I made myself a makeshift (and kind of deformed, I think) sock blocker, so I can pretend to get some decent photos of socks now!


And my pi blanket stalled right after the latest set of increases (about a week and a half ago, oops). It's 576 stitches around and I just whimper at the thought of it (48 rounds of this, then another increase section, I think). It doesn't look like much either...


...that's it really. Now I am going to go to the gym and then buckle down and spend the next few weeks studying like a man possessed (as long as nothing shiny crosses my line of sight).