Saturday, June 17, 2006

A match if I've ever seen one

So today I met Katherine Foster, and she confirmed the yarn I've got, and the needles I'll need for her class.


I can tell you're going to get along famously

I'm getting excited for Tuesdays class!

Thursday, June 15, 2006

One can never have too many buttons!

So. I am officially taking a sock class/course starting this coming Tuesday evening with Katherine Foster of KateKnits(.com) This obviously meant that I needed to buy myself some yarn. Now, what says summer, beginner and broke student more than 3 balls of $5.00 lime-green 'Buttons' (of Naturally Hand Knit Yarns) yarn? Not much my friends, not much. On Saturday I will have the pleasure of meeting the teacher and getting some questions about yarn and needle size needed, I am getting excited!

It is a poor day for photo-taking, alors, pretend that the green is... fresher.

Tuesday, June 13, 2006

Who'll sing me one, oh red fly the banner high?

Well, hallo and welcome to bloggerland! This isn't my frist blog, actually, but my first hosted by Blogger, and it shall hopefully be much more knitting (and other 3D art) related.

Anyway, I suppose I'll open this with some things of my own design...

Grimsby, my very first attempt at a swatch monster.
My creation

Tetra, my second (and more involved knit monster).
My creation

And finally Kraal. Ok, so he's not knit, but his scarf is!
My creation