Thursday, June 12, 2008

In which our hero has a cameo

Hallo folks and folkses.
Today is the thirteenth day of the sixth month of the year (ooh, and it's a Friday, too, spoooooky), which can only mean one thing., and that is that it is the (second) blogiversary of this here blog.

I had wanted to maybe hold a big giveaway/contest, but alas, I have nothing to give. Or perhaps I could have unveiled some shiny new blog layout, but no new layout is to be found.
Instead, I think a few 'thank yous' are in order.
Let me say first and foremost, thank you for reading and commenting and generally being all kinds of awesome (yes, you). Keep up the awesome, too.
Um, actually, that was sort of the big major one, but I've got on slightly smaller thanks as well.
Thanks to the wonderful Miss Happy for giving me an excuse to knit this. If I could make like a hobbit and provide gifts for you all on anniversaries (yes, I know a blogiversary isn't a birthday, but it's close enough), I would most gladly do so. For now, however, I must simply leave you with photos and good wishes.

Be well, everyone! I shall attempt to make a return to semi-regular posting in due time.
Oh, and Mademoiselle Happy, We had better see some shawl action shots, providing it is in fact to your liking (because people, the thing was entirely knit to my whim, she has just been the unwitting bystander in all this).

Last minute edit!
I am so glad I typed that all last night because after taking tonnes of photos, I went and got winged by a truck door on my home from lunch. I am bruised and battered and the radiologist says my arm is not broken (though from the outside, it looks like it could have been fractured), and I am in general, quite ok, if tender. Also, my right wrist is very unhappy, so I will have to leave uploading photos until at least tomorrow. But I can give you these two pictures for now, with a promise of more to come.