Friday, February 11, 2011

in which I plead for help

So I'm still not done those gloves (possibly because I misplaced them, though that has yet to be verified). In the interim, I have a question! I knit the Hemlock Ring lap blanket/throw, and I cannot *wait* to put it into service. Problem is, I need to block it. I think I can find the space to do it (though it won't fit into my sink, and I haven't got a tub to soak it in...), but this thing will be big, which is normally not a problem. I've blocked some big lace pieces (recently with the aid of my new blocking wires... lovely!), but this thing is supposed to be round. I can't use blocking wires or my usual tricks to block something round! Do I pin out each wee bind off picot? (which, I love, even if they took foreeeeever) do I get it close and smush the edges? I don't think I have enough pins to block this thing! Does anyone ave tips on blocking this? The sooner I figure it out, the sooner you all get photos!

Monday, February 07, 2011

In which I pretzel (yes, pretzel is now a verb)

Ok, so I know I promised gloves, and that post is coming (still weaving in ends...), but for now, I would like to share with you something of a whim.


Rosemary + Rock Salt

As you may recall, I am internetless, and, being the impeccable student I am, this has taken a great big toll on my procrastination lately. Now, I have a certain nostalgia towards soft pretzels. Well, not I don't, that's a lie. I have a perceived nostalgia towards soft pretzels. I did not grow up eating them at sports games, from street vendors, or wherever else they are sold, but gosh, do I wish I had (this is concept of perceived nostalgia is quite common for me, especially if food-related). Long story short, I made pretzels! From here and gosh if they didn't just bring back unmemories of days past.

Composition in Round.

Mine came out quite chewy (I also opted for a rosemary and rock salt topping), and a little burnt, but delicious nonetheless. They turned out well enough that I opted to bring the bulk of the batch to a Super Bowl party the next day, and they were all claimed within minutes. I even invested in some real hot (quite hot, in fact!) mustard. Mmmm. When I feel a need for carbo-loading, I will make these again. Quick, easy, ridiculously simple ingredients, and fun! (I like kneading, and dough-rigami.

Oh, and as an aside, I would live to hear what tips everyone has for getting over procrastination... because I am very very good at it.