Friday, December 08, 2006


A super quick post today. I am now running the 'Miss Violet's Pink Ribbon' knit along, found here
There is more info on the Lime and Violet blog ( ), but please, come out and show your support. If you would like to register, see the information here

Back to the study.

Wednesday, December 06, 2006

Jeremiah was a bull-

frog. But he ain't no friend of mine.
I can't do it, no degree of fudging will make this work. The only possibility would be unpicking the cast-on edge, ripping backwards to a certain point and going from there, but I think it'll be simpler just to redo the whole thing, properly this time. It might have to wait for a while, exams now have priority, and I might be quiet for a while because of that.

Until I am sane and back (wish me luck with Russian and Latin), I'll just post this and say that I've ordered a skein, and am sending good boobie vibes (see the limenviolet messageboards for context there).

See you on the 17th! (unless studying goes easily for once)

Tuesday, December 05, 2006

I knew it.

You know what Murphy, you can go in the other room and... well, you know, and you can do it alone.
Do I hear someone inflating an air mattress? I guess you DO spend enough time on my back that it's easier to move it, cut out the commuting.

[copied from the LimeNViolet messageboards]
To fudge or to completely redo, from the very very beginning (possibly regraphing and all), but do it all properly?

-my gauge tightened up from 5st/inch to 6st/inch over what was supposed to be a cylinder, and it is now much more conical. (this can be countered by running a yarn through alllllll the stitches on the bottom edge and cincing them in just a little, it was done slightly in the photo, as I was expecting my hem to pull in more than it did, I can also try the hem again)
-my hem is completely wrong. well, not completely, but it IS an afterthought hem. (I now know the proper way to do these, and if I restarted, I would use and intentional hem, likely somethin a-la Zimmerman)

Those are the two main issues, and I am not sure whether to fudge it and deal, or frog and go again. As a side note, this took under one ball of each colour, and I happened to buy two balls, so I could knit it fresh from those (I don't know if I want to see more of these colours though - I could exchange them for two new colours). I am also not sure whether knitting at the tighter (more natural for me, apparently) gauge is enough, or whether I need to reduce the stitch count (5-6st/inch, 120 stitches).

Monday, December 04, 2006

*happy dance*

So I am going to forgo further in progress photos, but I am at the moment quite pleased. I am done the bulk of the hat, and I owe Christopher ( a big basket of cookies for his help with the decreases (which look excellent if I do say so myself). I just need to settle on my edging method (still taking suggestions), and figure out if I want earflaps (at the moment, leaning away from them). With any luck, this will be DONE tomorrow!