Thursday, March 29, 2007


So let's see...
Sweater is joined and am working on the yoke. I tried to buy longer circs for it (using 80cm) but Aero doesn't make them longer! (And Aero is the only company I have found which makes the actual needles (not the cable) long enough for me to use (semi)comfortably) Here's hoping I have enough yarn... (If anyone has any Madarin Soft cotton in 093 and/or 008 (grey and green), I would like to hear from you, just in case. But let's hope it doesn't get there...

I bought some yarn. Commercial, superwash, and purple. I owe a good friend something, so this might be a portable project, or at least my next one (might go super-fast).

That's all for knitting, but I have some art/craft stuff to show (maybe) once I get photos.

Ooh, Trompe-L'Oeil by Malajube. Fun album! So Fun!

Excuse me while I go look up kinesiologists at the local gym.

Oh, and the 'Milestone'? This is my 100th post. Rawkk. With two K's.

And one last thing. If you've got me linked on your blog, or blogroll or whatever, let me know! I will most likely be very happy to link back to you! Now is the time to de-lurk!

Sunday, March 25, 2007


So, you may be saying "Hey Boy, you sure talk plenty, but I see no proof of knitting!" Well, fear no more, I found the camera. Had to rough up a pair of gremlins, but they had it coming. I think I only need about another 5" on the body, then I can join for the yoke!

Also, a quick technique question. When I join for the yoke, I inted to split it down the front, because a) I like that kind of neck and b) I will need to work intarsia to keep the two colours, as they wouldn't work in the round. Anyway, my question is do I need to do any kind of edging/border now, or would crocheting around the neckline later (or something) be enough to keep it from curling? (the closest I have seen is Knitty's Saranac, and that has a zipper in after, which I was planning on avoiding)