Tuesday, February 20, 2007


Ooh, I actually have some stuff to say and show today!

First, I acquired a copy of Elizabeth Zimmermann's 'Knitting Without Tears' yesterday. And then I read it, which has lead me to a few more points.
A) I am quite fond of her chatty writing style. It is nice, and I find it MUCH easier to follow than some other knitting books.
B) I will be making a Saddle-Shouldered Sweater, as per EZ. Well, I plan to. See below.

Second, I acquired a good wad of Madarin Soft cotton from a wonderful local lady. I received enough for a sweater. But not all in one colour, but in two: green and grey. She suggested alternating them row by row. It doesn't turn out stripey, and looks very nice. However, I got thinking. Saddle-shoulder + two colours, hmmm. I am thinking about doing the sleeves/shoulder portion in the grey, and the body in the green. The colours are slightly off below, they are a shade darker and richer, but you get the idea. Any thoughts or warnings?

Third, I got one of the currently unshowable projects done and done! Still can't show that one though.

Fourth and finally, Anyone remember the snow tigers? Well I finished them a week ago, but alack and alas, I couldn't tell you about it, because the recipient, Ms. H. checks in here now and then, and well, I wanted it to be a surprise for various reasons. These are they!

They were very well received. (glad you like them, kiddo!) A really straightforward and easy to knit design, except for the fact that a certain someone requested stripes. Which was in fact a pleasant challenge.

I do have one question for all the bloggers out there. Prior to my switching to New Blogger, I would be able to reply to individuals by e-mail when they commented. I can no longer do this! (and I miss that ability, I liked being able to respond to everyone) Is this just part of New Blogger, or is there some setting I have overlooked? Help!!!!!!!!!

I leave you with one very pleased looking Princetonian. (You said this was OK by you, lemme know if you want me to get rid off it)

Sunday, February 18, 2007

Vote Michael!

So this is again, from one of my courses. It was actually completed well before that last thing...
Anyway, big fan of the project, I enjoy lino block cutting to no end, it seems. The general class consensus was that these make me look like the dictator of a small South American country. I wouldn't say I take it as a compliment, but it WAS the one assignment which let me feel like I was keeping pace with the group (this is what I get for being in a class with *real* art students).
Eh, whatever. Still no knitting going on right now. Going to pick up Knitting Without Tears tomorrow if my LYS still has a copy in. Might make a sweater out of it, but I would kind of like to have it on hand regardless.