Saturday, December 02, 2006

Knit to Kamelot/Dragonforce/Edguy...

So last time I only showed my gauge swatch, which by the way, apparently was yesterday. I'm through my first major motif now (not even 15 rows, but about 2"), and it is zipping along (about... 2 hours time-wise so far). I know that means that Murphy is waiting to barge in with his second clause: Too Good To Be True. But for now, I am in denial, and am producing an amazingly soft (and hopefully as warm) greek motifed merino earflap cap.

I'm happy with it so far, but there is much to do yet.

That being said, anyone know any neat "pick-up-and-knit" edgings that will take care of the stockinette curl? (seaming the edge over by a stitch or two is also a possibility, I don't mind the added bulk around the edge)

If I keep this up, more tomorrow!

Friday, December 01, 2006

Love Thyself!

My ears are cold!
"Good for them" I hear you say.

Anyway, we've had quite a bit of a cold snap for the last week, but due to the end of term, I have had NO time to knit. But I had my last class today, and the cold front is passing, so now I can knit, baby!

I'm cooking up a fair isle ear flap hat for myself. That being said, if anyone has any good info on decreases for hat shaping (mostly rate of decreases), I would love to know (I'm working with 120 stitches around at the widest bit right now). I'm doing all the designing on my own at the moment (referring to the odd pattern for ratios), and gosh is it fun!

Sunday, November 26, 2006

BAddi Turbos

I know the hype, I even caved that one time. But tonight was the eve of judgement for my Addi Turbos. I know it's bad to pass judgement so quickly, that I should give them more time... Sorry St. Brenda, sorry to all you Addi fans, but they don't work for me. I knit FUNNY. I usually have one end of my working needle braced againts my belt, chest or stomach, depending on if it's straight or a DPN, and on the weight of my clothing. It's HORRIBLE form, and I really would like for someone to re-train me with a less back/neck damaging method. As a result, I'm used to that braced, lopsided, left needles waving around in the air technique. I don't think I can use circular needles. At all. Which is fine for now, I like DPNs, but it limits me from sweaters, large lace projects, etc... Also, Addi Turbos are small, so very very small. I present photographic evidence of the needle to hand ratio below. I can barely get a grip, let alone try to knit at any reasonable gauge with these things. I feel a right fool.


I finished Ms O's fingerless mitts and handed them off to her last night. But being the good blogger I am, I forgot to take photos. Whoops. I will work on getting some though, as soon as I can, but no promises as it's been overcast. Scrap that, it's snowing! I mean Victoria snow, so... it's actually sleet. Whatever.

I have also discovered the joy of block printing (my art education class is awesome), and now I really need input! What would be a fitting slogan for this image? (sorry about the poor quality, I'm working from a very small original) I don't want to say excatly what I am up to, but it is in the 5"x7" size range. Slogans can be in any language (ideally one I know, or at least can make some sense of, English, French, Latin, Hebrew, Russian, because some of those would look very cool). So please give me ideas, and help suppor the Knitolution.