Wednesday, April 11, 2007

Dimples, I presume

Well it's certainly no Skye Tweed Aran Cardigan,but Dimples is done! I even have some (pretty poor) photos of it. (What do you want? It's exam season, my brain is chained to my Latin textbook currently)

Name: Dimples (thanks Ellen!)
Pattern: Elizabth Zimmermann's percentage-based seamless saddle-shouldered sweater (I took it from The Opinionated Knitter)
Yarn: Mandarin Soft Cotton, about 17 balls
Needles: Aero 5mm, 80cm circulars (and some of my random assorted metal 5mm DPNs for the sleeves)
Knitting Time: Februrary 10th (give or take, there was some ripping a few days after to restart smaller), until April 10th (sewing on the last button). Not bad for a sweater in my size, I don't think. I watched A Lot of Battlestar Galactica and Heroes. I was tempted to name it something BSG related, but I really like Dimples.

What do I think? It's soft as all get out, mrowr, it fits (I am a shade leery of the stress that I think is on the back corner of the underarms, but I have no idea what I could even do to remedy that), I like the colours, I think it's fairly flattering, the shoulders worked out pretty well (I was sort of winging the colourwork at that point). I am however absolutely freaking paranoid of wearing/caring for it. I am afraid that it is going to wear out spontaneously or combust or fall apart when it has to get washed, Help!

I did some math, and there are nearly 30,000 stitches in the body below the arms alone (might figure out all the rest once I have some time for fun). But i'll toss up those photos, because I don't want to sit here and type (or study), I'm going biking, woo! (I will try to get good photos of it on me at some point, but it's kind of unlikely without an aide to assist me)