Tuesday, July 17, 2007

So. Bear Hat is done and gifted (and quite well received). I'm not happy with any of the photos I took of it, so I'll try to get some from Ms. L.

And with that gone, I am down to two projects! Gulp (Swallowtail Shawl) for my evening knitting and my Feather and Fan scarf for travelling. I would take photos, but unblocked lace is unblocked lace, and also it is raining and grey (and not hot, thankfully)

I think I need to get some more Art Vs Craft going on to post here. I have some ideas, but any favourites/suggestions?

Also, there is the odd day that really makes me like this town. It's pouring rain and there's a heavy fog wafting through the streets and I just got back from the library and picking up a baguette, some local cheese and these funny sesame tofu sticks (which are awesome with mango chutney) from the neighbourhood patisserie. And now I am going to geek out and watch me some Star Trek.