Thursday, June 14, 2007

Basketcase: Continued

Ok, sorry about that last disjointed post. I did another photo shoot, which I don't love as much as the flowers in the garden (Flowerbasket shawl, come on), but shows off the shawl a bit better.

In short, I loved knitting this. For a first lace project, it turned out better than my wildest dreams. It was originally going to go to a very dear friend of mine (hence the name, it seems less appropriate now), but upon thinking, I gave it to my grandmother yesterday. She. Was. Thrilled. And she was still thrilled today when I saw her (she is old, this makes me... absolutely unbelievably happy and grinny and giddy and I feel like I couldn't have made a better decision). She used to knit, waaaaaay back in the day, and she pored over the shawl, and was duy impressed, as only a grandmother can be (and she even put it on for a while. She has been showing it to EVERYone apparently and said she is thinking about putting it up on the wall so she can show it off better. I don't know how to say any more without sounding redundant, but I just feel so incredibly good about this project now. (Heather, thank you, I owe you a shawl.)

It's no Christening Shawl but I am quite chuffed. Have some more photos. (and I apologise for the lack of a good wingspan photo, but you can extrapolate)










I really like that last one. I'm going to go look at the myriad of photos I took and sigh happily to myself.

I have some knitting on the go, and shall update in a day or two (I promise!)

Also, thanks for the blogiversary wishes. It was my friend's birthday yesterday, so had a bit of a fun (and completely unrelated, my blog is quite unknown to most people here) celebration.

Tuesday, June 12, 2007

Basketcase: A(n) FO

Well. Apparently it has been been two weeks since I last posted. And it took me every day of that to finally get around to blocking.
I don't mind telling you, this step scared the beans out of me.






I'll try to get a decent full-size shot tomorrow.

Flowerbasket Shawl by Evelyn A. Clark.
It was good. But I'm tired now. It's going to go to my grandmother tomorrow when I go to visit.

Sore back is driving me crazy, can't sit still for too long. Technical details tomorrow.

Speaking of tomorrow, it's also my one-year blogiversary. Any celebratory suggestions?