Friday, July 11, 2008

In which I totally keep a promise

So, last time I said I would show you what I did when I couldn't knit.

Um, yeah, I bought yarn. Specifically Fleece Artist Seconds. For... cheap.

I bought four skeins of the basic merino sock in assorted colourways...





Which are now hanging out on my windowsill being 'inspiration' (they are so pretty). They are all oversized seconds, so I might get a pair out of these myself, and I may or may not play with some designy ideas. Maybe.


I also got two skeins of Fleece Artist Seawool seconds in some cozy brown colour. I decided I needed a man-cowl (ravelry link). I do not yet know if I can pull it off, but it is commmmm-fy.


(I just came out of the shower, hence the hair)


It was super simple, but would anyone like to see a little pattern written up?



Until next time, lovely people! I think it might be time for some non-yarn pictures, too, but we shall see.

(ETA Link)