Saturday, November 11, 2006

Ow, my jaw

See that? Everyone knows what curly yarn means, right? Yep. No, no, not completely, just the bit that wasn't working. I'll figure out textured colourwork when I have the time. For now, I'll just do the colourwork. Assuming all goes well, these should whip along. (And with that statement, I'm sure I have called down the wrath of the knitting gods. And it's raining, so I can't even properly burn any any virgin wool to satisfy them)

Thursday, November 09, 2006


Maybe there was a reason I had a hard time finding information on the technique I had in mind.
I can admit that. But I'm not giving up yet.

Can anyone guess what I'm trying to do? (technique, not item, but that's not hard either)

Sunday, November 05, 2006

Ms. O., and New Skills

Mystery project Green And More Green. Is working. Although I think the cuff is going to be way too big. but it's working so far. I really, really like the look of two colour ribbing. There is a gentleman I went to school with for a few years who is a phenomenal (phenomenal!) drummer, and is in a local band which is swiftly gaining popularity. I hadn't seen him in about 18 months, but while I was with another friend (whom he knows as well) for coffee, he came over and started chatting. I was knitting. He watched me cast on out of the corner of his eye (two-colour long-tail cast-on). He said "wow, that looks complicated" I just grinned and said "oh, I'm just getting started". So we chatted for another while, and I finally got around to joining the four needles, at which point both of my companions turned. And gawped. "Holy [knit] that is [freaking] crazy". The rest of the cafe turned now as well. Then the guy said "as a drummer, I seriously respect the dexterity and intense focus that has got to take. And it looks hell of cool." Then he looked over at my charts and notes. "What do those say?" "Cable 4 back, slip 1 back, knit 2, purl 1...." "Stop, just... stop. I'm going to liken it to some drum rhythms I know. Very cool." "Thanks." We all keep chatting and I keep on knitting. By the end of the evening I'm 6 rows in (conversation slows me down, and in my defense, it's about 50 stitches in texture AND colourwork). Guess it doesn't take all the concentration in my body after all. But I think I cast on too many stitches (I cast on too few last time). We shall see.