Tuesday, June 23, 2009

In which I Beckon Thee: Behold My Gauntlet of Fury!

So, I promised some bloggable knitting (or rather, not unbloggable knitting, but I think it amounts to the same thing here). I don't have too much to say other than I'm glad I was convinced to dig this out of hibernation and get started again (thank you Gwen). I managed to knit 20 rounds on the sleeve tonight. TWENTY ROUNDS! Compared to my 45-minute rows on the other project, this is like a knitters miracle. It's incredible!

So, without much further ado, the terrible 9:00 pm CFL lit arm shot...

And just because I feel a certain something in the air, another classic style shot. I call it the 'Behold my gauntlet of fury'.

Does anyone else feel that I look particular devilish there? Oh dear, this does no good for my well-cultivated image of a kind, gentle knitter, who is by no means whatsoEVER bent on, at the very least, continental domination.

Monday, June 22, 2009

In which I finally post a little teaser

So, in honour of yesterdays Solstice, I give you a snippet of my secret project (written details on Ravelry). It's actually coming along quite well! After a row and stitch count yesterday I have realized that I am much closer than I thought. I might actually get this done in a month and I can't wait to block it out. When it's done, I promise lots and lots of photos, and I also promise there won't be any more unbloggable knitting for a while.