Friday, May 16, 2008

In which there is both progress and news. And PURPLE.

"Damnit Martha, I said no! Absolutely not!"


"But Joe, honey, it'd only be for a few days."


"I can't hear you, I'm reading the paper..."
"I don't complain when *your* in laws come to town!"

Well, i think we can leave them be.

"Nice day, mister."


"Sure is, kid. What do I owe yah?"


"A big shiny dollar sir. Enjoy the sun!"


Hey, we have SUN, actual nice SUN! But wow, look at that yarn! Talk about PURPLE! Koigu KPM in colour 3000. It is destined for a pair of socks soon.

Also, Laminaria!
I've gotten though 6 of the 8 blossom repeats, but I think I will likely add a few more repeats to add size, since I'm using smaller needles than I should have.


Fleece Artist, Suri Blue. Mrowr. So soft.


Yum, unblocked lace.

Have a good day, and I hope spring has arrived wherever you are!