Tuesday, May 15, 2007

Basketcase Circus

First, lace. Apparently it's really hard to take photos of unblocked lace. Have some anyway.



And part of an assignment from this past year. My photos of the rest of it kind of suck, so I will work on that for tomorrow.


Sunday, May 13, 2007

Reply E-Mails

So I love comments (and the progenitors of those comments, you, the commentors), and I really was choked when I discovered that New Blogger doesn't let me send e-mail replys to comments. Turns out, I was mistaken. From The LavenderSheep via Dave (http://criminyjickets.blogspot.com) I hear that New Blogger only reset the e-mail privacy setting. So. Anyone on New Blogger who wants to get e-mail replys from me (or from anyone using Blogger), go to your Edit Profile page (via your Dashboard) and select 'Show My E-Mail Address' (third line down the page). Of course, if you don't want your e-mail to be viewable, don't do this. But this way I can reply to people! (and I really really like to).

Err, hopefully a real post tomorrow (misread my work schedule, and apparently I am on)