Friday, September 22, 2006

Socktober 2006!

*sings* You and me, and me and you...mumblemumble so happy togetheeeeeeer*/sings*

I just really really like these two colours together. Am I weird that way?
First dishcloth in blue/teal in "Basketweave", and excellent simple easy in between class knit. Secondly, "Plaid". And may I just say "Oh my. Oh my yes." The pattern is nice, also inter-class worthy, but the texture of this knit up is just. Oh wow. My fingers have never been so happy. Actually... it's the texture of the BACK of the pattern. If noone else is willing to knit it themselves, I will be willing to mail it to you to feel. It is that good. Really.

Ok. So. October is fast approaching (September, where did you go?). And with October comes... Socktober 2006! It sounds delightful, in fact I have signed up already. There is no competition, so swaps, no deadlines, simply a celebration (public and private) of socks. Hey. I love socks, so why not?

I picked up some yarn for Socktober from the delightful LYS today (I wonder if they know I blog. I doubt it. Should I tell them?). It is Schoeller Stahl, Fortissima Socka in what I, at first thought was grey with red tinges, but turns out to be purple with red and green tinges in daylgiht, as well as a red for contrasting heels/toes. Oh boy. More later.
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Thursday, September 21, 2006

Ta Douleur

Not directly knitting, but related. And clever and highly amusing.
I am also churning out dishcloths at a rate of .75/day. Turns out I can get more done between classes than I thought.

Monday, September 18, 2006

A day of note.

So on my way downtown to get art supplies for school today, I ran into my good friend M. on his way to work. We went for breakfast together before he had to open up shop. Then, I managed to acquire all the supplies I needed (and more), and, in a fit of weakness, I said to myself "I'll just drop by the city's one other yarn shoppe" (it is bigger). Well, I came away spending as much as I did on school. Oops. I also made the error of popping into a cookware shop, and came away with a purchase as well...

One ball of cotton...

One ball of cotton...
Eight balls of cotton? See people? There IS a reason I'm not taking maths courses!

And just what is this cotton destined for? Why the dishcloths from the latest knitty, of course! In the brightest colours to keep me happy and summery whilst knitting them, as Autumn has definitely staretd to set in here (only in the mornings so far). And the lovely model is the big mug I picked up at the cookware shop. It was discounted 10% due to an imperfection in the glaze? Hah, sounds like a deal to me! And it was wrapped in hot pink paper. I think it suits me, no?

Time to go cast on! Errr, practice my cursive Cyrillic I mean...