Wednesday, October 03, 2007


There are days where I just do not feel creative in the least. (This is one of those days) On those days, I usually end up filling a page with these funny little doodles. They originally started as greenmen (I can't find any of my old ones), but have since morphed into these squiggly, curlicue-heavy faces. They are all unique, and they all cheer me up a bit.



I have probably drawn a few hundred of these in the last few months, in all sizes and personalities.
I am thinking about mayhaps putting together some card packages (they are my standard gift accompaniments). At this point I am just a little bit curious if anyone would be interested in something like that.
Hopefully more news on that in the future.

I think I need to rip the Tomten. Serves me right for starting to knit before actually getting size measurements of the kid it's for. (speaking of which, what is a reasonable amount of ease for a toddler's jacket?)

The last thing I have tonight is a sketch of a discussion I had with a friend a little while ago.


(It was like there was an elephant in the room, smoking a cigarette and blowing smoke all about. He was wearing a purple leaisure suit, trackerd mud all over, and was humming a song that no-one else knew.)

(and yes, heavily inspired/partly copied from Gerard Hoffnung's 'Hoffnung in Harmony' which I love so much.)

Happy evening peoples!

Sunday, September 30, 2007


It is cold and wet and nasty outside.
It is mucusy and sore in here.
It is also midterm week.

I am glad that I'm knitting garter stitch right now. (It's taking it's time, but should pick up once I get some academia out of the way)