Sunday, November 11, 2007


Ok. News. I grabbed the 'Filigree Shawl' from Alpaca with a Twist, and enough skacel Merino Lace to knit it. I am not sold on the yarn, it's too... flat (the yarn is a beautiful sage green, but it is completely solid, and I need some variety, baby!) So I am going to explore the other yarn store tomorrow in hopes of finding something more to my liking, or, if not, I might try to overdye the yarn just to add some depth, nothing crazy. (also, I might alter the pattern a bit, add something to the main squares, because you know, it's not hard enough as is or anything). And I need to get the yarn for tomorrow, because the day after I am hoping to head on a mini road trip up-island (just overnight) to unwind for two days, no computer, just my knitting, good local food, and maybe a travelling companion.

Also, Tomten photos! I will sya now that I am not super keen on these photos, but they will do the job (and I will attempt to get more, we are just out of sun lately). Er, I will do a complete FO write up tomorrow hopefully (cross your fingers for at least oooooone good photo)