Monday, June 19, 2006

I'm cheap

I do love wool. But it is usually outside my price range. Acrylic isn't (quiet in the peanut gallery, please). I am not a yarn snob, I realise that certain yarns have certain purposes. Take this "heather tweedy" acrylic stuff, for example. It will make an excellent octopus-inspired monster. It's washable, durable and cheap. That white (acrylic) stuff will be for sewing on some details and features. The green stuff is 100% cotton and I think it shall be destined for this little project during study week. Don't hate the knitter, hate the cheap yarn!


Tallguy said...

Inexpensive doesn't have to mean cheap! I've found some of my best yarns (and fibres for spinning) at the thrift shop; they don't know what it is!! I was just at a new shop here, found some great-looking sock yarn -- for $65.95. No, I didn't get any.

The right yarn is anything that makes you happy when you are knitting with it.