Monday, April 23, 2007


And the school year is over, whew. And it is an incredibly beautiful day, to boot. I met up with some accomplices who also finished today and we went out for lunch. There is this tiny nook of a restaurant in town that serves... I think it is called Mayan somethingsomething. Anyway, traditional Mexican food. And just let me say that it is possibly the best thing I have ever eaten. We ordered 30 tacos (3 varieties) for the three of us, and they all disappeared. I'm not gonna say more, since I can't do it justice, but a dollar apiece for one of those tacos? I felt like we must have been completely ripping them off! It was astooooounding. I will go back. And hopefully get photos.
Anyway, when I get home, there is a package waiting for me! I ordered this on my last day of classes as a little treat for myself, and it showed up the day I finished exams. Serendipitous, no? I have been itching for some of Diana Fayt's pottery for ages now, but I can't really justify buying a big bowl or platter (cost and space reasons). But this little gem of a teabowl is worth every penny. Go check her site out, she does absolutely astounding work.
I'm just gonna give up some photos here. Knitting talk later.


Chelsey said...


*runs off to write final papers*

Sadie said...

Lucky to be done! My last final will be one month from today. One Month! AAAAAAAA!!

Adam said...

I'm trying to be happy for you, but I keep dwelling on the fact that I have one homework, a viterbi algorithm simulation, two take home finals and one in class final left. Aaaaaggghhhh!

Be glad you're done, because it will start all over in just a few months! ;)

Heidi said...

I wonder if all knitters adore pottery as much as knitting, I know I certainly do.

Yay for you that you're done!!

one black bird said...

hello little tea looks like you are in a happy home! if you are really good maybe michael will knit you a little cozy or something ;)