Monday, May 24, 2010

In which there is no knitting

Hey there people!
I know, long time no update, and I don't even have any knitting to show - I'm between projects.
But I have been making just a bit of time lately to play around with my camera at least (in between school and work).





And you may have noticed that I am not a huge fan of posting photos of myself, but it's been a while, so here you go.



Shan said...

second egg photo = awesome. When I look at it I want to make toast.

Lisa said...

mmmm, eggs.

HopelessRomanticElizabeth said...

you take good photo's and i know the feeling when it come to taking pictures of my self. well just want to say nice photo's. ^_^

Entre Nous said...

Love the photos, what are you using for a camera? I am seriously thinking about going back to my 35mm SLR. Cannot find a digital SLR that doesnt seem to have at least a 1/900 th delay between taking the pic and the shutter finally closing. Any suggestions? I hate using a flash.

manicpurl said...

Damn! How long have I been reading your blog and I had no idea what a hottie was behind all these posts? I vote for more pics! ;)

Ellen said...

Have you seen this woman's work on Flickr? I saw this posting and thought of your little people.

The strawberry photo - very much her style!

On the egg photo, my son and I are reading "The Boys' Book of Greatness: Even more ways to be the best at everything" and last night, he learned how to make a soft boiled egg! Tasty!